Frequently asked Questions

What if someone gives me a bad review?

If you are given a bad review that you don’t want on your profile. We suggest you make changes so that others don’t leave similar comments. You can however delete any comments that you do not wont linked to your phone number or email address.

Doesn’t this defeat the purpose, if you can delete negative comments?

No it doesn’t defeat the purpose, Plug-app is all about spreading positive experiences. If you didn’t have a positive experience please let the respective person know in a respectful way, so they know change may be needed. Each profile on Plug App also has a tally of deleted comments. If you want to get the full picture of a particular person’s history, there is a feature which allows you to request access to these deleted comments.

What can I do if someone is harasing me?

If someone is harassing you, there is a function to allow you to block that person from making any further comments against you.

Can I Plug people who don’t have the app?

Yes you can, if the person you are Pluging does not yet have the app, a text or email will be sent to that person alerting them of the Plug. Please get permission from that person before Pluging them.

What happens when I change phone numbers?

If you change phone numbers; all the plugs that you have accumulated will still be available for viewing by searching for your old number. Any new plugs can be linked to your new number.

What if my new phone number is linked to the Plugs from the last owners of this number?

When you register as a new owner of that number, a new profile will be created that will only be linked to the plugs associated with you.

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